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Retinal Art may have died, ( meaningless visual calisthenics ) yet symbolism never will. From Basquiat, to Keith Haring to Warhol, to Magritte, it is all about objects and their interplay. We are all spoken to in language of signs, interpretations & meanings. It is a rich powerful exploratory medium that speaks to all of us. To ignore this is to ignore the extremely obvious, too see.

The joy is in the journey, or not just learning about ourselves, but objects & targets on this visual medium in conjunction with each other that is so telling, that give us a new understanding. It is all the art of Objects, Targets, Clues & Values.

I do not make Art for money, I make art to right a wrong, to make sanity of an insane world, to appease things from my grave when I am gone, to say the things that we are all thinking yet never say out loud. That there is above all dialogue, a irony, respect within everything & a view. I am of coarse a rebel, in love with life, yet there is all this stuff that needs to be told, it spills out on my canvases.