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The metamorphisis from then, from more than forty years ago to now, in his world is a mystifying discernment. The neo-Dada/neo-Magritte/neo-Whitkin/new unapologetic color matter of his debut efforts is absolutely nothing like the dark morbid, illusionistic tableaux — hybrids of assemblage, collage, of found objects of the past. His unique visual invention, his enquiry into present exaltation, the query & riposte that the artist began in 2012.

His muses in the beginning of the book, the light handed curdling of our addictions, his oneirism, into the more apolitical realities as in our own ineptitude, asks what we are on that last day, and what have left behind in our attemps. Was it all worth it ?

There is a simple elegance in print, you dont have to plug it in, it sits there static for years, yet it continues to bring you to other places over and over. As we change, the meaning changes to the pieces as well, it is never static.

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