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Enviormental Architecture

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Redesign New Orleans: 1981

Design an Entire City: The ultimate disipline. We have populated every ocean water front and wonder when the oceans tides encroach us, what is wrong with the planet ? The ozone, the warming of it, the melting of the ice caps gone mad. When we have never inhabited the coast lines to such a degree as we have now. In a million years we have never built to such a permanent degree and made such demands of the planet that it was never designed for. Ye we build for the best days, not the worst.

One of the most enlightening progects I have ever done, it taught me much of the function in the Arts. Throughout time & history, when the tides came, we simply picked up our tee pees and moved inland, permenent foundations never existed, either did mortgages, insurances, roads, bridges of the infrastructure to support such an unnatural thing as domiciles on the edge of the coast as today. Theoritical Architecture