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Truth, to open our eyes, we have two distinctly different societies today. While one is hidden & runs unopposed over us in their greed, while the other sits there & does nothing. Analogies, metaphors, subliminal messages have never engaged any change within us, as we all sit here worse off than ever.

For me it is all about questioning, change, exploration, invention, progressions, an absolute way in seeing, & being. To show our madness as a societty.

All to often Art too often fails to take a stance for our civilization, it fails to challenge us. Art should stimulate, assault, it should make you think, hurt you if it can, too create something within you to make you better than yourself. It should help you see when you are so blind, to see where we have misstepped, to be the solution. It should be the creation.

There are no Rules: Just break them precisely, question everything, words do not exist, time no longer matters, only our resolve. It is not of any current Art Movement, if it were, it would be broken.